• four: the chasm reminds us that there's a fine line between bravery and idiocy
  • four: *gets drunk by the chasm*


one kid with hepatitis and they’re all going down

Maybe there is some Abnegation in everyone, even if they don’t know it. Well, in everyone but  P e t e r.

So I realise that I barely ever post on this blog any more, and it makes me so sad to go back to the first posts that are on here and looking at how much Divergent meant to me and what the fandom was like back then.

But to be honest, Divergent used to mean so much more to me than it does now. These days, I’m mostly just indifferent. 

Faction before blood. More than family, our factions are where we belong. Can that possibly be right?

Divergent Factions | inspired by

…and everything inside me screams for just one more kiss, one more word, one more glance, one more.

Even I didn’t jump first.
Her eyes were so stern, so insistent.

Divergent Trilogy   [insp.]

Divergent + Characters’ last words  insp { x }

People crowd into the car around me, so we stand in four rows, shoulder-to-shoulder. And then something peculiar happens: fingers lace with mine, and a palm presses to my palm. Tobias, holding my hand.

I’m crying because


“Held secure by the straps, I throw my arms out to the side and imagine that I am flying” — Tris, Divergent. chapter 17.

“and in my moment of blind panic I understand why she did it this way, face-first—it was because it made her feel like she was flying, like she was a bird.” — Tobias, Allegiant. Epilogue